Funniest Wedding Photo 22

Two old couples with cyber necklace. A golden wedding moments i guess. This is cute. Funniest wedding photo shared by Yischon Liaw (Pennsylvania)

Funniest Wedding Photo 21

Asian wedding in Delaware. As the newly wed enjoyed their moment with the entourage. The ring bearer and the flower girl were asked not to watch. So she covered her eyes seriously, but he covered his eyes with openings. hahaha! he's curious, i guess. Funniest wedding photo shared by Ronald Soliman (Delaware)

Funniest Wedding Photo 20

The bride is now ready for her bridal walk. But she got a surprise under her gown, the bridesmaid!!!! This is a cute fun moments of the bride and her bridesmaid. Funniest wedding photo shared by Rod Witzel (Florida)

Funniest Wedding Photo 19

The bride needed a quick break with her bridesmaid. Hahaha! This is what happened cause they got married in a remote area. A portable toilet was the only available relief. Funniest wedding photo shared by Monte Swann (Minnesota)

Funniest Wedding Photo 18

Hair power!!! They got thick curly hair, and he got what? nothing on his head? funny, curly ladies went with same hair do and seated beside this bald guy. hahaha. Funniest wedding photo shared by Monika Broz (New Jersey)

Funniest Wedding Photo 17

An exhibition from an olympian bride. So, you want to get married? poolside with an olympian bride? You must do the same to be able to get the "I DO." from her. hahaha Funniest wedding photo shared by Marino Prieto (Marana, Brazil)

Funniest Wedding Photo 16

If it's too hot, tendency is to sweat a lot. So, this bride wants to have a comfortable walk to the aisle. So she decided to do this... hahaha! I need fresh air!!! Funniest wedding photo shared by Marcin Labedzki (Poland)

Funniest Wedding Photo 15

If the groom went on a party before the wedding, this is what will happen. Dressing up on the street of New York. Wedding rush. Hahaha! Where have you been groom? Funniest Wedding photo shared by Lina Jang (New York)

Funniest Wedding Photo 14

It's a different kind of bride and groom. Welcome to the animal kingdom. Dog Bride and Groom on the red carpet. Funniest wedding photo shared by Kent Meiries (Colorado)

Funniest Wedding Photo 13

If grandpa can do it, I surely can. Wedding dance. Funniest wedding photo shared by John Prutch (Washington)

Funniest Wedding Photo 12

Now it's time for the groom to go to his bride. Funniest wedding photo shared by Jeff Ow (BC Canada)

Funniest Wedding Photo 11

Groom thought women can't do it, well, she just showed us that she can...Funniest wedding photo shared by Herring (Georgia)

Funniest Wedding Photo 10

Mom, please give us privacy!! It's our moment. Hahaha! I guess, the mom was still protecting her daughter. A funny moment between bride, groom and the bride's mom. Funniest Wedding Photo shared by Heather Mabry (Texas)

Funniest Wedding Photo 9

Just Married Sign was written on the Bride's underwear. Funny but it was a bad joke for the bride to be turned up side down just to show everyone her surprise message. Funniest Wedding Photo shared by George Avelino (California)

Funniest Wedding Photo 8

Is this a mail order groom or mail order bride? hahaha! A joke just for fun in a wedding. Funniest Wedding Photo shared by Genya Garrette (Florida)

Funniest Wedding Photo 7

A bad joke for the groom but super funny. The Groom was asked to check her bride but he was blind folded. Look who's waiting for him. Hilarious wedding moments. Funniest Wedding Photo from Eng Hong Loh (Singapore)

Funniest Wedding Photo 6

The groom was flying here as he jumped on the spring water. Garden wedding. Funniest wedding photo shared by Denis Cregier

Funniest Wedding Photo 5

It was a perfect moment together, perfect weather and perfect environment, but suddenly two creatures envied the couple. So, it was another match. Shared by Christine Rucker for the Funniest Wedding Photos

Funniest Wedding Photo 4

She's drinking beer in can and he is on the other side removing extra beers. Hahaha! This was shared by Britta Trygstad. Funny and cute. Captured moments for the funniest wedding photos.

Funniest Wedding Photo 3

This is the perfect angle. Hahaha! Avocado inspired moment. The Bride and the Groom in a garden wedding.

Shared by Anna Kuperberg

Funniest Wedding Photo 2

This is hilarious. The bride just vanished, as she gives respect to her mom's portrait. An Asian Tradition.

Shared by Angela Swan

Funniest Wedding Photo 1

The bestman and the groomsmen with the ring bearer having a short break at the men's comfort room. He's wondering something. Can you guess what?

Shared by: Adam Houseman - Colorado


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